Ratings Guide

9.5-10.0 (Formerly A+)
For the ages! Personal favourite films whose artistic merits and cultural significance have stood the test of time.

8.8-9.4 (Formerly A)
On par with the best in film history.

8.0-8.7 (Formerly A-)
The weaknesses are so insignificant, they can be overlooked.

7.5-7.9 (Formerly B+)
Outstanding achievement.

6.8-7.4 (Formerly B)
Hearty recommendation.

6.0-6.7 (Formerly B-)
Recommended with reservations.

5.5-5.9 (Formerly C+)
Problematic but intriguing on some level.

4.8-5.4 (Formerly C)
Any quality moment is overshadowed by a flaw of equal measure.

4.0-4.7 (Formerly C- )
The positives are wasted on the whole.

3.5-3.9 (Formerly D+)
I'm blind to the qualities, but maybe you can enlighten me?

2.8-3.4 (Formerly D)
One saving grace away from catastrophic failure.

2.0-2.7 (Formerly D-)
An assault on the audience's eyes, ears and intelligence.

0-1.9 (Formerly F)
All negatives should be burnt and it must never be heard of again.