Mar 7, 2010

Best of 2009: Part III

20- Where the Wild Things are
19- (500) Days of Summer
18- An Education
17- The Secret in their Eyes
16- Bright Star
15- Fantastic Mr. Fox
14- Avatar
13- A Serious Man
12- Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
11- Sugar
10- Moon
9- Fish Tank
8- The Hurt Locker
7- Up in the Air
6- The Messenger
5- The White Ribbon
4- Inglourious Basterds
3- Mary and Max
2- A Prophet

Top Pick
1- About Elly


  1. you make me want to watch all of these movies. yes, even Mary and Max, and you know how dull i think clay animation is.

    very well-written btw, bravo!

  2. Oh this is an awesome post, Amir. Very well done. I love the bonus marks :)

    Incidentally, I started watching About Elly last night. And predictably, I fell asleep without finishing it. It is very well made so far, and Tarane, especially, has exceeded my expectations. I am very excited to see how it ends.

    Ohh Oscars tonight!

  3. way to be attentive to my favorite movie.
    START WATCHING THE MOVIE EARLIER so you don't fall sleep. haha

  4. Great list, Amir. Our top twenty lists are largely the same, with the exception of a few films I haven't seen. I've really wanted to see About Elly, and I'm going to make a point to watch it soon. I hadn't even heard of Mary and Max, I'm sorry to say, but will watch it at the first opportunity (might have to wait until Netflix has it).