Apr 18, 2011

Monday's Words of Wisdom

"To me, the glory of what I do is the fact that it starts with a blank piece of paper. You look at something like Inglourious Basterds. If my mother never met my father, that would not exist in any way, shape or form. If my mother hadn't met my father, there would be no Inglourious Basterds in any way. It started off with a pen and a piece of paper, and now I have a movie."


  1. Smart indeed and quite coherent for the usually outspoken and passionately senseless QT.

  2. Well, there would still be this

  3. :)
    yeah, Charlie Rose also asks him in the interview about the other film that has the same name (Inglorious Basterds) and QT talks about adapting Jackie Brown too.
    i haven't seen that film, but personally what i love about QT's films is that i get so many of the references from other films, only that he uses them so beautifully it becomes his own.
    i guess it depends on your perception of his work, and how much you actually like his films, but for me, no one does pastiche the way he does.

  4. If you actually watch the full interview with Charlie Rose, he never denies that his film is a pastiche. Rose actually starts the interview by reading a piece that talks about the same thing. But i think there's no denying how original he is in putting all his film knowledge together in one place in one film.