May 23, 2011

Monday's Words of Wisdom

"He's wonderful to work with. He's really amazing because he's simple. He's as simple as his films. He was exactly like his movies ... He loves movies more than anybody I've ever met in my life. You can take all this new Hollywood bullshit, get all of us guys sitting in a room together and he puts us away. He knows more about the movies than any of us ever will."
- Steven Spielberg, on working with one of my favourite directors of all time Francois Truffaut (1978)


  1. Oh yes he did. Few filmmakers loved the cinema as much as he did. His movies always feel so in love with the medium.

  2. yes, and of course he eventually made Day for Night which directly deals with the medium.
    I know it's usually considered one of his artistic compromises, but i think it's one of his finest films.