Mar 13, 2012

A Night With A Rock Band (And Their Music Videos)

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of watching my favourite Iranian band, Kiosk, play an amazing show at Toronto's Mod Club. Even as an ardent fan of the band who was sure they wouldn't disappoint, I was still surprised at the astonishing quality of their show. Everything came together so well; the lively gypsy-inspired tunes, the incredibly smart political satire, the bitter love songs, the atmosphere of the club (but for the drunk girl who repeatedly hit me in the head), everything was ripe for a great night, and indeed, it ended up being one.

Anyway, after the concert my sister pointed me to one of their music videos that, strangely, I hadn't seen before. And I absolutely love it. For those of you who don't speak Farsi, you might guess from the title and the video's theme that this is a break-up song. It's a poignant post-mortem on a failed relationship and the words describe the difficulty of letting go of the shared memories. I love how the minimal animation quite literally materializes the memories in the shape of shared "stuff" and utilizes the band's cheeky brand of humour even though the lyrics don't show a trace of it in this instance.

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