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He contributes film criticism and articles to The Film Experience and Movie Mezzanine regularly, and has presented films at various events and venues, including the TIFF Cinematheque, Na Ma Na Cinema, and University of Toronto. You can follow Amir on twitter @amiresque.

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  1. Hi!

    So the time is nearly here - two young independent filmmakers from London - one black-British, one British-Pakistani - finally release their co-directorial debut THE CONVERSATIONS.

    It has already been dubbed by critics as:

    "Incredible freshness, biting comedy, and poignant melancholy"

    "a bold and inventive piece of film-making"

    "an excellent gem of a film"

    On the 31st August 2016, their film hits the US/UK market on AMAZON/AMAZON PRIME.

    A bittersweet tale of a young British Muslim stand up comedian who falls for a blonde American girl and his attempts to then escape from their break up using various left-field tactics. Think Brazil meets When Harry Met Sally!

    Before the big release, just over a week from now, we'd love to give you a special online preview of the film in return for your honest reviews!

    In this modern movie industry full of loud blockbuster movies that last 3 hours and cost 150 million dollars plus, it's refreshing that two lads from London with nothing but an original idea and money from their own pocket are about to cause a stir.

    Having already received a mini cinema release, THE CONVERSATIONS promises to leave viewers refreshed!

    Currently the filmmakers are going through the last session of interviews, reviews and previews before the big release we hope you can be part of the movement!

    We look forward to your positive feedback!

    Stills, exclusive interviews, screeners and soundbytes are available immediately!

    Stars: Haider Zafar (Vendetta), Daniella Down (Mum and Dad meet Sam), Duran Fulton-Brown (Jason Bourne)

    Marcus Flemmings
    TMP Productions
    +44 0203 488 1605