Aug 8, 2011

Monday's Words of Wisdom

"Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie is too much of a goddess, at this point, to be touched and the movies too determined to be all things to all people to risk the sort of contact that turns PG-13 into R. As for the men? We don’t make many, anymore. We’re now a cinema of dudes, guys, and George Clooney. You’ve seen “Horrible Bosses.’’ The men are running from Jennifer Aniston. A woman’s function in most American movies is to confirm a man’s heterosexuality more through propinquity than participation. She’s a Kinsey scale with breasts."

This vaguely reminds me of the time I mentioned in my review of Black Swan how Aronofsky pulled off every old trick in the book to avoid showing the actual sex in the famous scene. That was in a completely different context, but it was my way of expressing disappointment that sex has left the movies; that even a "sex scene" with so much hype was not actual sex. Not that anyone should go to the movies for sex, but... well, Morris knows how to make the point.

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