Feb 6, 2012

Highlights: 2011's Alpha Male of the Year... Ryan Gosling.

From his perfect chemistry with three of Hollywood’s most attractive young actresses (Stone, Mulligan and Wood) to swinging his “equipment” in Steve Carrel’s face with utmost confidence, from the ladies' man of Crazy, Stupid Love to the dapper politician of Ides of March, from the Scorpion Jacket and the leather gloves to the toothpick and shades of the mystery man in Drive, Gosling has covered a whole lotta range to deserve this award.

Stardom always seemed only a step away from this promising actor. Not anymore.

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  1. His character arc in CSL annoys me, but he is completely charming. My favourite of the three is The Ides of March, as standard a role it is, I think he's is the film, for the most part.