Oct 18, 2012

Oscar Horrors: Dogtooth

Over at The Film Experience, I've joined in on Oscar Horrors, Nathaniel's group series on horror films that have been nominated for Oscars. My first contribution is Dogtooth, which was nominated for a the Best Foreign Language Film award two years ago in what remains one of the Academy's most shocking decisions. There's more to come later in October when I take you back to the 80s for the nominated visual effects of a major blockbuster, but for now, have a read on why Dogtooth is one of my favourite nominations in recent years. You may also remember how highly I ranked the film back in 2010. It's a decision I don't regret in retrospect.


  1. It's one of my favorite nominations as well, and yet Dogtooth is only my 3rd favorite Greek film. I know you love Alps as much as I do, but have you seen Attenberg? Ariane Labed is fantastic in it.

    Also, I was just writing a post about David Lynch and found out he, too, appreciates Dogtooth:

    1. I have seen Attenberg, and like it quite a lot. These three films are like sisters, they're so similar in the structure and atmosphere they create and they just strike the right cords with me.

      And why am I not surprised that Lynch likes this film? It's right up his alley.

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