Mar 2, 2015

Tecnicos y Rudos

*This post is in support of a Kickstarter campaign for "Tecnicos y Rudos", a new film by Canadian filmmaker Milad Alamkhany.

Do you remember that fragile sense of acceptance and triumph we helplessly longed for during our youth? What about how easily it could reduce to failure and tragedy? Well a local filmmaker is currently in pursuit of sharing such a story that he's funding through Kickstarter.

A story about identity, longing, and figuring out one's place in a culture that's constantly dictating the good and the bad. In fact, that's exactly what the title of his film suggests. "Tecnicos" are the heroes in Mexican wrestling, and "Rudos" are the villains.

His film tackles the adolescent journey of an 8 year old boy who's fighting for his unique place in a society that hinges on extremely rigid social ideals. The conflict ensues when the main character's value system begins to fall apart and his sense of 'order' transforms into 'chaos'.

A fable about belonging, desire and coming of age, I'm excited to watch his film and hope his story translates to the screen. For his Kickstarter page evokes nothing less of interest and promise.

What's more exciting is that prolific filmmaker John Greyson has signed on as a producer. Yes that's the same John Greyson that was detained in a prison last year in Egypt with Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani. One of the most influential figures in the Canadian film industry primarily with his focus on Queer Cinema, he has been endorsing the film and is one of the many contributors backing the project.

His campaign is live for another eight days, which means there's still time to sign on as a contributor. Link is here.

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