Aug 13, 2012

Essential Performances of the 90s: Part 1

Andrew of the amazing blog Encore Entertainment has started a series called Essential Performances of the 90s Showdown wherein he and guest bloggers pit two performances from the decade against each other, making a case for which is better or more important. I had the pleasure of being invited to participate and my first contribution - there is more to come - was a contest between Kate Winslet from that little-seen gem called Titanic and Iran's most recognizeable actor, Homayoun Ershadi, in his debut performance in Abbas Kiarostami's Palme d'or winning Taste of Cherry. You can read my commentary, chime in with your thoughts and vote here.



  1. 32 votes in, and they're tied. This is so surprising, but I'm not mad. I like the surprises.

    (Also, you are too TOO kind with that description of my blog. Thanks much.)

  2. Yup. Despite of Kate Winslet playing the Scarlett O'Hara of her generation, I rooted for Ershadi just because of one scene in the end.