Feb 1, 2012

Highlights: 2011’s Hottest Sex Scene...

is Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig’s intimate moment in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

By the time this scene rolls around – at least for those of us who are unfamiliar with the story – the film is in dire need of any human contact that does not end in rape, murder, or some other type of disgusting circumstance. This encounter, so wonderfully performed by Craig and Mara, is both expected and totally out of the blue, but it's bound to get your heart racing. It also forms the bedrock for the film’s emotional finale.
I’m not the biggest fan of this icy thriller, but every time I think about it in retrospect, this is the scene that first pops up in my head. And I assure you, I don’t mean that in a creepy way!


  1. Why did I never feel invested in their romance? Is it because I shall forever stand by Robin Wright through thick and thin? Probable.

    (I did think Daniel was quite excellent here, despite a role that just sort of sat there.)

  2. I swear I had "semi-intimate moment" at first, but I changed it because I thought that might give the wrong meaning to anyone who hasnt seen the film yet.

    I don't buy the 'romance' either, but hey, who said hot sex had to be romantic? right?

  3. I prefer them in bed together the second time, when one explains Martin's car accident to the other. Only Fincher can subvert the film's violence by putting something tender in it, in many places and times.

  4. "who said hot sex had to be romantic?" LOL and word!

    Anyway, I loved the film's romance because it's clear it's a failed endeavor on Lisbeth's side. He doesn't love her but he's the first man she's ever admired (outside of Palmgren, her guardian who has the stroke). The final scene is the most heartbreaking thing I saw all year long.

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