Feb 2, 2012

Highlights: 2011's Most Underrated Actor... Ewan McGregor in Beginners.

But isn’t he always? I mean, how does anyone manage to win no awards for performances as strong as the ones he gave in Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge!, The Ghost Writer, and I Love You, Phillip Morris?

McGregor’s charming presence and genial face has been taken for granted long before 2011, but this year it particularly stings because his film is in the thick of the conversation. Beginners’ case is like Moulin Rouge! all over again. Like Nicole Kidman, Christopher Plummer’s performance has gained so much attention – deservedly so, I must add – but few people seem to attribute their seamless chemistry to McGregor’s subtle work. That is also true of Melanie Laurent and many other actors who have shared scenes with him in the past.

McGregor might just be the most generous actor working today. Will he ever get his due?

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  1. I completely agree, and was thinking the same thing when I watched Beginners, one of my favorite films this year. I was thinking, "Yes, Christopher Plummer deserves an Oscar here...but what about Ewan?" He always good! Isn't he the villain in Haywire? I'll see the movie just for that!

    He is completely underrated. Charming and genial, indeed!

  2. This post makes me really, really, really sad because what the hell does Ewan need to do? He was fantastic in this, he was fantastic in Moulin Rouge he was FANTASTIC in Big Fish (seriously, one of Burton's most restrained and at the same time most sublimely fantastical works) and he was fantastic in Down with Love (sorry, I love that movie).

    I love Plummer sweeping everything, but I especially LOVE that he's been citing Ewan when he wins, class act.

  3. Dave- Yes, he is one of the villains and he's really quite good in it, against type.

    Andrew- totally forgot to mention Big Fish. I hate when people say Burton hasn't made a good film since Ed Wood. That film is also underrated.